May 20th, 2012

abstract butterfly

Mallard, Spring Creek Trail

Mallard, Spring Creek Trail

My young friend and I took a morning walk at Spring Creek Trail, had lunch, and then went to my house, where
my wife had an ice cream cake waiting to celebrate my friend's birthday.

The morning threatened rain, but the afternoon was a glassy transparent surface, with small bluegill and bass swimming in the shallows. I worry lately about the next bend in the creek, even when there is no immediate risk of rapids.

In the afternoon, we went to my office to check on a work matter.

We saw kites flying near Lake Ray Hubbard last night--huge kites fluttering in a brisk breeze, tethered by
sturdy string. As we sat at a cafe, a great blue heron flew over the lake, his flight brisk but at ease.