January 21st, 2012

abstract butterfly

readings and research

Yesterday work proved demanding but productive. The temperature outside hit about 70. At home in the evening, the mailbox held my latest blood test results. My potassium count proved normal, providing good evidence that my surgery found and removed a cause of the low potassium. A couple of tests I do not fully understand came in high. After my wife got sandwiches at Whichwhich and yogurt at Yogurtville, I settled in at my desktop computer and began researching. I learned that one expected benefit of my procedure, a reduction in blood pressure, often does not appear for months. I also read up on the high readings on my test but gained only a first rudimentary understanding. I listened to music by Denis Shoker, Lisa DeBenedictis, the Housemartins, Bronski Beat, and Phillip Wilkerson. Today my young friend and I plan a bicycle ride. Please forgive me if I revel n the fact tat unlike the desert mountain tracks of Moab, Utah, the local places to ride are largely flat, gentle and sidewalk-filled.