December 28th, 2011

abstract butterfly

whether the weather

The last week of the year involves a very good bit of work but less of the ringing telephones and frantic facsimile transmissions. I dined on a six inch roast beef on wheat from Subway for lunch, and upon turkey chili at dinner.

I finished my latest science fiction e-book, Ken MacLeod's "Newton's Wake: A Space Opera". This tale was in the "future history as a satire of present folly" mode, and held my interest through a relatively quick 300 page read.

I stopped by Cabella's sporting good store. My wife had wanted a weather forecasting gadget from there, which they had ordered in. When nobody was person-ning the ship-to-store pickup desk,
a man working nearby went back and took care of finding the package. This kind of attentiveness always makes me appreciative--retail is such a difficult business, and those who go the extra mile really impress me.

2011 slips away on little gerbil's feet. We'll see if 2012 is another run on the plastic wheel.
Tomorrow I must button up a few things prior to my doctor's visit on Friday.