November 21st, 2011

abstract butterfly


This morning I began to type a journal post about Saturday evening sushi at Wasabi, a walk on Sunday afternoon at Sister Grove Park, complete with geese migrating, and a description of how I gained .8 pounds in the past two weeks, which actually was better than expected.

But after I typed the first sentence, I noticed a disturbance downstairs. My wife was exhorting Beatrice to desist from something. I went down to see what was the problem. I found that Beatrice and Teddy were in a contretemps. This happens in the very rare instance, but this morning Bea seemed a bit more in earnest about being rough with Teddy. I felt that letting them work it out was not an option. I separated them. Tonight, things seem fine once more. I remember that when our late beloved dog Scout got very old, Teddy was also a bit more domineering with Scout. Ted turned 17 this month. Dogs are so funny because they are in some ways like humans but in others unlike humans.

Today the air had a crisp chill. I had a roast beef sandwich on flatbread from Subway for lunch. We watched a Woody Allen documentary on PBS tonight. We are planning a post-xmas vacation in the State of Texas. I scheduled a medical diagnostic thing for very early on Wednesday morning. It is raining tonight, which makes Bea bark, but makes me happy.