October 30th, 2011

abstract butterfly

feeding ground

Mockingbird on duty

Today only 8 people besides the leader and staff person showed up at Weight Watchers. This arises in part from the cycle, as prior to the holidays the attendance always drops off. The first meeting in January is always more full than a country church at Easter. I was pleased to have gained only .6 pounds, as this kept my total loss over 33 pounds. As I returned to Weight Watchers at the end of March, I am pleased with my progress. I wonder, sometimes, why I ever stopped going, as it always worked so well for me. But I know the answer, without the need for wonder, and now know that I am going back regularly with success.

After Weight Watchers, I stopped by Allen Station Park and took a walk. I liked the mockingbird on top of the live oak tree. I read that in the Autumn each mockingbird seeks to protect a winter feeding ground.

I created some songs on my software synthesizers today. So far so good with the current song collection--a series of melodic short pieces using lots of sampled woodwinds and a few VST plug-in synthesizers. I believe I have found a home for the work when it is finished. I am debating whether to stop at 5 songs, or to create 7. I found creating the songs quite relaxing--perhaps it is a function of the focus on things not attached to day to day work.

I thought today how creative ideas that never come to fruition can be a bit limiting. I decided to work to finish more things. Ted and I went for a walk tonight, which we both enjoyed, though a walk with Teddy can be quite short nowadays.