October 24th, 2011

abstract butterfly

mum's the right field word

Autumn mums

Monday morning came shrouded in a deep fog. I got the local place to change my oil during the noon hour. I like watching sports contests more than political debates. I like watching interesting dramas more than sports contests. California roll is, for me, a bit bland by nature, so that describing lunch using the phrase "bland California roll", though accurate, sounds redundant.

I used to play right field, until I was 15. I was a good fielder and a good hitter during my last season before I stopped playing. I played right field because my throwing arm strength failed to achieve center field skill. Once in Little League I got to pitch a game. My outing was not successful, as my control gave way, and the only strikes I consistently threw were too easy to hit. I played a better second base in Little League, but I was not as good an infielder I was a right fielder.

I like simple phrases, like "plain croissant, please".