October 23rd, 2011

abstract butterfly

Stage 2

Today when I drove on the bridge over Lake Lavon, I saw some water but lots of dry land. Here's an image of what I saw, as taken from my car as I drove:

Drought of 2011, Lake Lavon

I saw lots of egrets out in the very shallow shores. Tonight I watched a televised football game in which Texas Tech University defeated the University of Oklahoma in an upset. Earlier, I watched the movie "Charley and the Chocolate Factory". In the morning, I dined on oatmeal for breakfast, with rich brown sugar, and for lunch a salad with the dressing on the side. My young friend ordered the flan from Matt's Rancho Martinez--I sampled a bit and found it tasty. Tonight I scrambled myself a few eggs. Right now it is sounding like rain. My wife heard
an owl outside, but I did not hear it. We are some place between stage 2 drought and stage 3.

I am grateful to be in only very mild discomfort from my dental procedure, and the "soft food" regimen has not been grueling. Tomorrow will be a quiet day.

The only trailer hitch today was a delay of one hour as the attendant at Wal-Mart could not properly process a fishing license, a roughly 3 minute task. I was surprised and pleased, though, that they gave me a gift card for the cost of the license, to make up for the long delay. I found it curious to be able to surf among thousands of radio stations streamed on the internet, and yet still be unable to find the Arkansas Razorbacks game. At dawn I listened on my tablet computer to WFMU out in New York, and every song seemed right at home.
abstract butterfly

mallard, yogurt, world series

Today I went to a service at the church to which we belong. The sermon centered on the parable of the Good Samaritan, one of my favorites.
I often think that if church had more of the Golden Rule and more of the Good Samaritan, and less of lots of others things, that would be a good thing.

For various reasons I am still taking things a bit easy. I did go to Weight Watchers, where, not surprisingly, I had lost 3.2 pounds. A "soft food" regimen will do that for one. It is hard to complain about a temporary eating program that revolves around yogurt, oatmeal, scrambled eggs and soft frozen yogurt. I have some minor medical thing tomorrow, for which preparations too dreary to repeat required me to be mostly a homebody today.

I did take a walk around Glendover Pond. I liked the mallards, like this fellow:

Mallard at Glendover Pond

I also saw two killdeer, a blue jay and a mockingbird in a tree squabbling about territory, a couple of grackles hunting for grass seeds, and park geese.

Later, I took a bicycle ride, but kept it to 20 low-stress minutes when my gums advised me that my blood was flowing through them, causing them to smart just a tad.

This afternoon I watched the local football team play and this evening we alternated between the local team's victory in the World Series
and "The Good Wife".