October 16th, 2011

abstract butterfly

two downy

Last night we went to see the birding film "The Big Year". We liked the movie. I like birding, but could not imagine spending a year trying to get my bird count high. I heard an interview on NPR with the author of the book today. He sounded like a good guy. 

This afternoon we went to the Heard Natural Science Center. We hiked the Wood Duck Trail. We saw lots of monarch butterflies, making their slow, stately flight down towards Mexico. We also saw two little downy woodpeckers who climbed nearby trees. Sadly, a little bird was caught in the little porch outside the butterfly house. If it knew to fly out the open door, its freedom awaited. But it continued to be misled by the screen. We tried to show it the way, to no avail. I called the park headquarters, who advised that they, too tried to help the bird but did not succeed. I hope the bird found its way out. It was in no immediate danger, other than the danger of distress, but I want it to be free.

Later I watched our local professional sports team be defeated by another local sports team through the miracle of television.  Then I took Beatrice for a walk around the pond. 

Tonight my wife cooked a wonderful meal of Thai-style chicken and broccoli over brown rice. We watched a great documentary about crows. I would rather watch crows through binoculars than count 700 bird species. We also watched the second episode of "A Gifted Man" through the on-demand cable feature. We like that show best among the new shows.