October 9th, 2011

abstract butterfly

stir what you got

The rain continued today. We went to SunCreek United Methodist Church. The sermon featured an anecdote unfamiliar to me. The story told of Andrew Eddington, the long-time dean of Schreiner College, in the Texas hill country. Mr. Eddington, a Presbyterian minister, reportedly liked a lot of sugar in his coffee. He found himself in a north Texas cafe, where a waitress gave him less sugar for his coffee than he desired. He caught her attention and asked for more. "Stir what you got", she replied, "stir what you got". I liked the story because in my mind, so many folks wish for things they do not (yet) have prior to giving something a try, when so often one just has to work with the tools at hand.

My plateau on my Weight Watchers program continues, as I was up a pound today. This reflects more about my exercise pattern than about
my eating pattern. This particular stasis has lasted now about 6 weeks. I am experienced with such stases, and know I will work through this one.

I got an encouraging e-mail from my physician yesterday. The ingredient that was a bit low proved to be an even smaller bit low on re-testing. I still will go to a specialist later this month to sort out the whys and whethers.

We took Beatrice for a walk this afternoon. We saw a boy grasping a snapping turtle. He advised that the turtle had been staying on the surface for some days. He was worried that the turtle did not feel well. I advised him that snapping turtles can do a good bit of damage
with their bite. The boy let the turtle slip into the water, but later, I saw he and his friends hunting for the turtle. The turtle appeared to be
a medium-sized alligator snapping turtle, which may be older than each of the boys. On our walk, we also saw a blue jay atop a chimney and a rabbit in our front yard.

In our back yard, lots of things are in bloom. The surprise bloom this Autumn is the little strand of milkweed which popped up,
a year after the prior planting died. I love milkweed. We did not draw many monarchs this year, but I saw lots of them yesterday at Loy Lake in Denison.