October 1st, 2011

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Last night we met our friends Scott and Donna at The Melting Pot in nearby Addison. My last experience with Swiss fondue took place decades before, during the vogue for home fondue cookery in the 1970s. We enjoyed the meal very much.

Though the cheese course constitutes a typical fondue experience, with hindsight, I could easily forego the cheese course. Although dipping apples and bread in melting cheese appeals to my inner solder iron, the thrill does not justify the calories. For the main course, we used a bouillon-like broth for this cooking this and that cube of protein matter. This proved much more satisfactory. According to the form book, I should have foregone the chocolate course, but I indulged myself instead. We ordered dark chocolate, for which we were provided an assortment of tiny sweets ranging from rice krispie cubes to dipped marshmallows to a tiny slice of cheesecake.

Today I have a hankering to drive over to Bonham State Park, a simple wooded place around a small lake. I always find walking there a serene experience, less a visual treat than a calming place. I'll take my camera, though usually the most pictorial part is the park's collection of docile vultures.

Monday I must return to the doctor's office, after the blood work revealed my potassium to be "a tad low", and I was asked to "come in next week". . My quick look at the internet sites about what this means yielded nothing particularly startling. We'll see what the doctor has to say, and whether the upshot of it all will impair any future dietary options. As one who eats bananas in profusion, low potassium would not be my first guess for things to haul me back to my physician. This being a weblog, I know I am supposed to aggressively self-diagnose, lament my fate to the heavens, chalk it all up to some family member or other, and ominously explore my inner sanctum of incredible insight. But I think I'll instead just try to go to the doctor on time on Monday morning.
abstract butterfly

Bonham State Park, Texas

Bonham State Park, Texas, originally uploaded by gurdonark.

Today I drove an hour to Bonham State Park, northeast of the town in which I live. I arrived at 8.30 a.m. I walked until 9.30 a.m. I saw a few birds: lots of vultures, an eastern phoebe, and a red-bellied woodpecker. I loved a small purple flower of whose name I am unsure: perhaps it is a species of gayfeather (bright morning star).Then I rented a canoe from the very helpful rangers. One ranger told me he lives near the park, and sees indigo and painted bunting every Spring. I love buntings.

I paddled the small lake for the better part of an hour, without managing to fall in (and even managing to circle back for the camera I mistakenly left on shore).The paddling was lovely. Fish broke the surface. A killdeer flew overhead, complaining, as killdeer are wont to do. I floated near the beach on which many vultures stood. A great blue heron flew overhead, and landed in a large evergreen tree. The sun shimmered on the lake. A bit of breeze blew, but it was not bad at all. I even could take a picture of the lake with my cell phone, and posted it directly to Facebook.

I drove the country roadways back home, exploring farm roads I'd never traveled. I listened to the Arkansas Razorbacks fall far behind Texas A & M, but spent the afternoon watching them make a miraculous comeback in the second half.We dined at Thai Noodle Wave, where the teriyaki chicken was heavenly.