September 28th, 2011

abstract butterfly

the invoice

Tuesday we enjoyed the new show Ringer on television and ate minute steaks with sides of pasta and salad.
During my lunch hour, I read a thin volume called "making musical instruments". It's from 1956 or 1957. Rather than setting forth elaborate plans for how to make complex instruments, it sets out brief paragraphs with simple ideas. One is to dangle a spoon from a fork from a string and tap it with another fork to achieve a triangle sound. I like these simple descriptions of simple sound generators better than construction plans for elaborate instruments. I like simple and easy to grasp ideas.

Yesterday I had an appointment with a periodontist, who advised me that I must have a minor bit of work done on a gum. After the appointment, they pulled me back with an office business person. I waited with anticipation, as the ominous appearance of the business person made me wonder if my procedure would require sale of the Hope Diamond. The price she quoted, though, while not inexpensive, was refreshingly low. Next month the fun will be in session.

I'm a bit tired this morning, so perhaps I'll nap a bit more before work.