September 27th, 2011

abstract butterfly

the hill back home

King's Pinnacle

King's Pinnacle, in the southwestern part of North Carolina, fails to truly tower. It rises 1700 feet above sea level, and does not rise so very high above the surrounding countryside. I could have walked on the Pinnacle Trail last Friday and walked up to the Pinnacle. Instead, I walked the Turnback Trail, a trail from which it was easy to turn back. I had only a limited amount of time, you see, and turning back rather than reaching the pinnacle was my immediate goal. The pinnacle is a few peaks away from the site of a famous revolutionary war battle.

Now that I am back in droughtious Texas, I miss the rains of Kentucky, Ohio and North Carolina. Still, it's good to be home again. Sometimes I wonder why anyone wanders, when one could explore one's own area for a lifetime.
When I was in Arkansas, I read some of Thomas Jefferson's letters. In one, he advised a student to refrain from foreign travel and to get to know one's own country. I don't know about all that. But there's a kernel of truth there, which I'll pop like popcorn, somehow.