September 26th, 2011

abstract butterfly


In the early morning yesterday, I went outside to say hello to my father's cat, Kitty Kitty. She is an outdoor cat with whom I am friends. On the previous evening, I spent some time with my father's wife's daughter's cat Xerox. Xerox is also a very fine fellow. If the world must be divided into dog people and cat people then I am a dog person, but I really like both dogs and cats.During our four and a half hour drive back to Texas yesterday, we stopped at Soulman's BBQ in Greenville. I enjoyed the 1/4 chicken without sauce. I found myself amused at the sign pictured above. To me, it's a quintessential (and yet not rare) northeast Texas sign.

abstract butterfly

claw and clutch

dark-toned tapestry, originally uploaded by gurdonark.

pulling up stitches
with a cat's-eye determination
the shooter bounding off the prize
a claw, a nail, a puncture wound
the sound of hissing air,
a deflation
a dart sinking into cork
hand reaches into pocket, but the wallet is gone
a glance, a phrase, a chance sigh
a captive
a raptor
a grasp

right to the heart of things
bull's eye
cat's eye

eye to eye.