September 20th, 2011

abstract butterfly


Yesterday I went to my doctor for a check-up. I've been going to the same doctor for years. It had been years, though, since my last visit. I was pleased to realize that nothing requiring a doctor has happened to me in the past three years. I like the part when they take x-rays. I don't like the part when they draw blood. Things went well, I think, but we'll wait for the various fluid analyses to return.

My wife noticed we had a little hummingbird flitting around the blossoms on a backyard plant. Most hummingbirds here show up only during migration time. This is a huge contrast with our time in southern California, when we had a resident group who lived in a large pine tree. These birds regularly dived to night-blooming jasmine and at one another. It was great to see a little migrant here last night.

As I drove in the alley last night towards the street, I saw a medium-sized hawk standing on a neighbor's wooden fence. As I pulled closer, I realized it had a bird in its talons--I thought it was a dove at the time, but now wonder if it was a mockingbird. As the hawk saw me approach, he turned, and took flight, bird in hand.
abstract butterfly

10 dollars and deep woods

hair cut sign

The universal language is "shears". I chanced upon this small town hair care place today at lunchtime. When the kind soul working there asked me how I wanted my hair cut,I said "number 3 or 4 shears". She replied "Number 3 cuts it awfully short on the sides", and reached for the number 4 shears". Fifteen minutes later she said "Don't you feell better?" The haircut was, as advertised, 10 dollars. Even with a liberal gratuity, the cost was pleasingly low.

After work I checked in. Then I drove on winding roads into the countryside, passing yellow flowers, white horses and deep woods. I stopped at Middle Creek Park, a deep woodland. I did not have time to hike it properly--a sign warned sternly of being locked up at dark--but
I did get to wander about and hear birdsong and see lovely trees.

Kentucky woodland

I ate BBQ chicken at a place called City BBQ, where the greens and corn were great but the Texas toast was over-abundant.