September 17th, 2011

abstract butterfly

blue catfish, Cabella's sporting goods store, Allen, Texas

Last night we met up with one of my wife's co-workers to see the final Harry Potter movie. I liked this one the best out of the set. We then went to Chuy's in Plano for fajitas.Today my young friend and I walked around McKinney's Towne Lake, as Friday evening rains had (thankfully) made things a bit wet.We also visited A Real Bookstore, A used CD/DVD and game emporium, A Vietnamese restaurant, a Balinese smoothie shop and Cabella's sporting goods store, at which blue catfish sported in a large aquarium. I rarely see blue catfish in the wild--they dwell in larger rivers, but I feel a fondness for them, as I do for channel catfish bullhead catfish, plecos, madtoms and every genus and species connected with them.