July 27th, 2011

abstract butterfly

return to shangri-la

After a couple of days in which I could not access livejournal, I find myself able to make a post. Here's
the news:

a. I had a quick business trip to the hill country of Texas. I saw hummingbirds and woodpeckers. I stayed in a 19th Century hotel. People were very friendly. I came back very quickly.

b. we are at 26 straight days over 100 degrees;

c. I like that people send me messages saying "send me an e-mail, I have video of tree frogs".

d. My car crossed 163,000 miles on the odometer. I am mentally narrowing in on its replacement.

e. We attended a visitation for one of my wife's former co-workers, who died. I prefer a good old fashioned southern visitation to almost any funeral.