July 23rd, 2011

abstract butterfly

no sealife justifies a line

Today my young friend and I decided on the spur of the moment to go to a new little commercial aquarium in Grapevine called Sealife. This proved to be a bit of a mistake, as the aquarium's line for "walk up" ticket purchasers moved at a turtle's pace. The "business model" of giving season ticket holders and advance purchasers a leg up in the line did not work--the advance holders had to wait in long lines, too, and the staff was obviously unable to move the line at a decent pace.

After 20 minutes in line, we decided to walk around the mall instead. This proved to be fun. It was odd---the place also had a "lego adventure center", with a shorter but odd line. This is all like the PT Cruiser, popular at first, but in the long run, very commonplace. I would have preferred to go to the children's aquarium at Fair Park--4 dollar admission instead of 19, and nearly no lines.

We also stopped by Bass Pro Shop. I fish a bit, and do not hunt at all,but somehow these stores are always comfortable for me. I eyed the bargain kayaks with mild but unfulfilled longing.

We tried to go to a Japanese place in Irving for lunch we found via GPS, but it was closed. We went to a Chinese buffet instead. The buffet looked very modest, but proved quite tasty. We were content. We stopped by Bali Slush afterward--I had a frozen yogurt, but my friend's peach smoothie looked grand.

I slept the late afternoon away, and then read Trollope. My wife and I dined on trout at Fishmonger's tonight. I am strategizing an upcoming road trip, and enjoying life in a warm Summer.