July 22nd, 2011

abstract butterfly

geometry and tragedy

Today I had a business matter in Austin. Austin is about 4 hours' drive from my home, and poses one of those drive v. fly dilemmas. I drove today, which turned out to be wise, because my flight would have been very delayed. I arrived quite early for my meeting. After taking in a turkey pita at one of downtown Austin's countless pita places, I decided to walk over to the state capitol. I thought I had never been inside it before when I went, but it was rather familiar inside. I find that while the portraits of the governors interest me, my attention is drawn more to geometry.

ceiling texas state capitol

Today the news of a terrorist attack in Oslo caused me great sadness. This sounds very much like our Oklahoma City tragedy. I feel so badly for all those affected.

My work is very busy this Summer. I am glad to have a Saturday and most of Sunday free.