July 5th, 2011

abstract butterfly

colored pencils save the world

An art exhibition enlivened the auditorium we visited yesterday. The displayed works hailed from the Colored Pencil Society of America. I enjoyed seeing the varied set of works, as each artist produced an image seemingly beyond the limited power of the colored pencil. A sign explained that a variety of techniques ranging from layering colors to physically impacting the canvas helped to achieve the different effects.

Aesthetic notions about art vary--representation, abstraction, symbolism, naturalism, determinism, and so on The various terms hold limited interest for me. Yet it makes me more hopeful for the state of the world to know that a few thousand artists banded together to create a society devoted to creating colored pencil art.
abstract butterfly


Today at lunch I took my car to Goodyear for its annual inspection. I was pleased it passed. Tonight I read about Lincoln, NE. I hope to travel there this month. We're watching the television show frontline about the Wikileaks situation. My wife made great shishkabobs tonight. The heat has been hot, as heat is het to be.