June 3rd, 2011

abstract butterfly

holy words writ on tablets of e-readers

I love books. Looking at my bookshelves,though, makes me believe I should switch to e-books. Less clutter. More virtual hand-held-ability.

I'm focused on whether it is time to get an e-reader or a tablet. My wife's Nook is fun to use. I believe that all these devices will be ubiquitous and cheap in a few years, so that I am not inclined to spring for the admirable-though-Apple iPad nor the cool-but-expensive Xoom. I love my android phone, though, and very simple off-brand tablet to serve double duty may make sense.

I suppose I should start simply--and just download the nook PC app onto my laptop. If I used that, i could see how ready I am to use that.

I have my little 100 dollar netbook, which I mostly use for simple games. I don't find its e-reader easy to use. But I do check radioshack.com regularly for the "dream tablet"--less than 200 dollars,
decent browser, access to an apps store, and Nook-friendly.