June 2nd, 2011

abstract butterfly


We flew late Tuesday night to Detroit. We stayed at an airport Westin. Early Wednesday morning we set out for Maumee, Ohio. The car rental place gave us a Jeep Cherokee, which was not the Hyundai Sonata for which we hoped. When we passed the Jeep factory,though, it seemed appropriate. When we got two unexpected passenger to attend the funeral, it was perfect to have all the room in the back for all the luggage.

The funeral service for our friend Rhonda was at Maumee United Methodist Church, a small, pleasant church in a middle-small, pleasant town. The scripture was 1 Corinthians 13. The key hymn was "on angel's wings". Her brother gave a moving eulogy, and played a great slideshow photo montage about her life. Many people gave their memories, and in all cases, they remembered her for two things--being very bright, and very kind. I remember those things, too, about Rhonda. I don't think it really matters all that much how accomplished one is, but it matters a lot how much kindness one shows.

I knew many of her relatives there, from spending a week in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in rental cabins several years ago. Kids who were teens then are in their late 20s now. The graveside service was the 23rd Psalm.

We drove back via highways that passed that oak savannah called the Oak Openings, and by roads that led to a great lake. But we did not tarry. We flew back last night, and worked today. While we were there, we saw starlings everywhere. From mid-air, you can see fields pass under like painted boards. Ashes, ashes, dust, dust, it all zooms by, and you hug the people you meet as you pass them.