May 15th, 2011

abstract butterfly

around the pond

Beatrice walking a video by gurdonark on Flickr.

I noticed that the ducklings at Glendover Pond already transitioned from their yellow youth into a brown-feathered adolescence. My dog Beatrice walked on the sidewalk at a steady pace. She saw a rabbit across the street, but was persuaded at length to keep on moving. i saw a house finch on a neighboring house.I stopped by my brother's house to hand out some coupons we won at the silent auction. He had a new/used Cadillac, which was amazing--one previous owner who barely drove it, giving him the chance to own a real luxury car without the luxuriant expenditures normally required. We had fun revising the ad copy, while his son played a multi-player role-playing game via laptop just beside us.