May 8th, 2011

abstract butterfly

hot day

Today the forecast of Summer-like heat proved well-founded. I took Beatrice to Glendover Park in the morning to walk around the pond. We saw blue jays, a male scissortail flycatcher on the chain link fence, several young swallows practicing flight and bug capture, and a mother duck with little yellow ducklings.

I went to morning services at Suncreek United Methodist Church, which is near our home. The
junior choir did a great job with a mother's day tune. The sermon was about breaking free of one's labels and past and just living out the next day. In the afternoon, I went to Weight Watchers. The discussion there concerned building support groups. I am glad I do not have problems with lack of support or folks who sabotage me.

I watched a good bit of the movie "I remember Mama" and read an Ed McBain 87th Precinct mystery book. When my wife arrived home from Kansas City, we went to Mimi's for a late dinner, and ate
tiny filet mignons.