April 14th, 2011

abstract butterfly


Today I read up on north Texas festivals to visit on Saturday. So many choices! I like small-town festivals with nature tie-ins. I had a busy day at work today, with lots of things to do. As I drove down the alley to my driveway, two larger-than-usual rabbits got out of my way.

I stood in my partner's office today, and saw two crows harrying a northern harrier. My first post-Auto-Show e mails arrived, as snail mail brought the extra photo books I ordered after seeing how well the books came out.

We're back in drought conditions, so we watch the storm approaching from the west and hope it dips this far south. Meanwhile, the roadsides hold the lovely pink of showy evening primrose.

A post on facebook by a woman with whom I went to high school was so far off the mark on a political matter tonight as to be outside our solar system. But I'd rather not argue her politics with her. I'd rather just say "how are you doin'?" and avoid the like button like like-like-like.

I was pleased to see my music used in a video for the communications engineering department of the University of Bergen. My music is the soundtrack to the engineering of the airwaves of Norway.