April 13th, 2011

abstract butterfly


When I walked to lunch yesterday, I passed a telephone poll upon which a mockingbird stood. How many mockingbirds have I seen and heard singing? Far too many to count. I wonder, sometimes, if we are all here for important reasons,but reasons that are not obvious. Perhaps I am here to listen to mockingbirds sing. Although I usually see more robins in Winter, lately I see a fair number of robins as well. Sunday evening I saw lots of barn swallows, hunting insects in mid-air near the pond.

I'd like to see the part of the country northwest of Amarillo. I lived in Amarillo from age 1 to age 3. I have only been back once, I believe. I am intrigued by that intersection of states in a prairie/plateau region.

I had an odd experience. One of my songs was going to be used in a compilation. However, the person in charge of "mastering" advised he could not use the .wav files I provided which were the stems. Indeed, the suggestion was somehow that the stems should have been different. It was as if my song should have different component parts than the actual component parts. The particular compilation just came out, without my track. A part of me is disappointed, but a part of me feels a bit amused and perhaps even a bit self-assured. (in that, simple as I am, I could easily have mastered the track). There will be other compilations--lately, a goodish few a year. But when you boil me down to the .wav files, there is not much "there" there. It's all in the assembly.
abstract butterfly

scissors fly

I drove to downtown Garland to the Corner Pocket Sandwich Shoppe. There I got my usual, turkey and lettuce in a slice of pita bread, with baked potato chips. After I sat down, I thought about how I should have gotten the sandwich to go, and sit in the little town square on a park bench. As I drove back to my office on Glenbrook, through the lovely residential neighborhood Pecan Grove, I saw a small chihuahua walk by. He looked pretty young. He had no collar on, or I would have stopped and dialed his owner. I hope he made it home all right. I worry about dogs and cats that I pass when I drive.

During the drive home, on Spring Creek in Plano, I saw two male scissortail flycatchers doing mock combat. I love the aerial displays these birds can provide. I saw lots of showy evening primrose, which is blooming particularly well this month.

For dinner we had chicken tacos. Then we laughed as we watched "modern family". Then we took Bea for a walk in the dark.

I like the TV show "Dragnet" on hulu.com. I love the story I heard about how Jack Webb had to tell the guests to stop acting and to play the roles very deadpan. There's a life lesson in there somewhere, dressed in a starched but productive shirt.