April 3rd, 2011

abstract butterfly

recovery day

Last night my young friend and I arrived home very late from the AMA Super-Cross at Dallas Cowboy Stadium.
By the time I had dropped him at his home, and driven to my own, it was well nigh upon 1 a.m. Today I largely rested. For lunch we went to Mimi's, at which I drank several glasses of diet soda with lunch. I was disappointed, but not surprised,that although I followed the program strictly, my second week's Weight Watchers result was a gain rather than a loss. This is not an unusual part of the drill for me, especially when I drink lots of fluids right before weigh-in.

My wife cooked salmon for dinner, with roasted potatoes and steamed asparagus. Asparagus, the bane of my childhood, is now, when steamed, among my favorite vegetables. I also ate a couple of clementines, which are among the reasons I side with St. Anselm about theological things.

I reviewed some music on ccMixter. I read book three of my science fiction trilogy--just a few hundred pages to go, and I will return to this universe from that one. I took an afternoon nap.

I spent time at snapfish making photo books. I made three large paperbacks, one to keep and two for relatives.
I made a handful of small booklets to pass out to friends. It's a lot of work, working with these on-line primitive book-makers, but it's a miracle these things work at all--and I am grateful for miracles.

I took Bea for a walk in the park--temperature in the high 80s, with winds near 30 m.p.h. Swallows seemed to love to fly in the gusts. My wife and I went for a second walk without our dog(s). We heard the sound of killdeer, and talked of daily things.