March 15th, 2011

abstract butterfly

spats and news

Our dogs had a mild contretemps at 2:30 a.m., having decided, in their wisdom, that 1 p.m. or 11:37 a.m. are not more suitable times for minor canine territorial spats. Last night my young friend and I went to dinner at Tampopo, a Japanese cafe, where CNN announced the latest unfortunate event in the unfolding tragedy. Prior to dinner, we went for a brief walk on Trinity Trail, whose grasses and trees were still in Winter mode. Bluebirds flew in the parking lot.

I'm following the news from Japan fairly closely, while wishing, as I wish so often with news nowadays, that the news presented more reporting and less commentary. I'm hopeful that no more awful events occur, but time will tell. As with other recent disasters, one has the sense that the real damage will not be known for weeks or months.
abstract butterfly

scattered cutlets

I worked hard today. The elusive nature of the news had an etch-a-sketch effect--now a line, now a shake, now a blank. I read about space aliens. The morning was chilled. They know my standing order at the sandwich shop.
People pray about the trivialities when it's the big issues that matter. I thought about the turkey call I did not buy. Sliced, thin steak with pepper. Watchful waiting. Heroes and the dead. Endless talking head inanity.
An arcade of nickel machines and ten dollar problems.