February 18th, 2011

abstract butterfly


After a late lunch, I stopped to walk in the very warm weather at Springfield Park in Rowlett. This part has a large, almost lake-ish pond and a middle-sized pond. Floating in the middle of the large pond were ring-billed gulls, our local common gulls. A few would hover overhead. I tried out some used eBay binoculars on the gulls, to my satisfaction. The small pond held lots of ducks and an egret. In addition to mallards, there were a lot of ducks as to which the drake had a white streak on its face and a colorful rest of his head. I believe it was a blue-winged teal, though the rest of the head looked more green than blue to me. I knew a little girl named Teal once--I love crayon names.

I stopped by the branch of the Spring Creek trail near Shiloh and the George Bush freeway at the end of the day, to take another walk. It was too near dark for much birdlife, but I did see a lovely pair of wood ducks. The male wood duck is almost fancifully colorful. They swam away when they spotted me.

We ate seafood at Fishmongers' tonight. Tomorrow I get my windshield fixed, take Teddy for her rabies shots and hopefully get a nice walk in.