February 17th, 2011

abstract butterfly

Balloon by the Lake

I always wanted to set a balloon free to see where it would land. I loved the stories about balloons carrying notes that floated to Finland. Then I learned about how balloons can be bad for the birds. This meant no postcards saying 'I found your balloon' from Estonia or Bhutan.

I still love the idea of a balloon floating above the ground, and landing a distance away:

abstract butterfly


1. Saturday mission: get that windshield replaced.
2. Mileage milestone: 151,000 miles.
3. cheap Coby cassette deck: suddenly "in".
4. quick lunch birding: blue jay. red-bellied woodpecker.
5. favorite new TV show: Fairly Legal.
6. favorite Scrabble word, as yet unused by me: jalope.
7. tourist brochures arrived from: Minot, North Dakota.
8. tomorrow's forecast high: 78 degrees.
9. lunchtime meal: two grilled corn dogs and baked potato chips
10. weekend recreational choices: prairie or prairie dogs.
11. sci-fi mag issue review: story about coping with a new, unknown scientific phenomenon: A-.
12. now listening: Hello Saferide "Arjeplog".
13. rebuttal of a truism: it is indeed possible to regret some things done, and be thankful for things undone.
14. eaten: the last two clementines.
15. in favor of: promoting animal adoption.