February 16th, 2011

public transport ticket, by Him and the Drinks

robin in a bare parking lot

The robin was in one of those bare parking-lot trees. Like a lot of robins in the Winter, he was not particularly flighty, but stood on a branch, letting me get a good look. Although a Winter robin is a common bird, it's never a commonplace bird. I got a close look at his red breast, and then, after a linger, he flew.

Last night after I mused about my fond childhood memories of the Velda Rose hotel in Hot Springs, I looked it up on the internet. Sadly, the hotel had received perhaps the worst set of user ratings I have ever seen. I usually discount, slightly, hotel user ratings, because in my experience folks get out of shape about things that are in the "sometimes there is a glitch" category. But these reviews included something like 80% reciting that the hotel was a poor experience. Perhaps I'll try the Comfort Inn instead.

The United States Chess Federation instituted an odd requirement that members have to register to vote in their upcoming elections. Tonight I entered my ID, birthdate and membership PIN number. I wonder how this advances the cause of democracy.

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