February 1st, 2011

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sleet turns to snow

Today we experience a reverse temperature day, when the day will begin warmer than it will end. I felt a little badly for merchants and hoteliers here in Dallas--the Super Bowl is played here (in Arlington) next Sunday. The airport just closed this morning. The ice is supposed to stay for a day or two, clearing on Friday. On the plus side, folks from Pittsburgh and Green Bay are used to Winter weather. I'm sure that local officials, though, wish for the 72 degree day we had Saturday rather than a sleet storm today.

The sleet pelted in the very early morning, but now appears to have settled into snow. While our neighbors to the north in Tulsa are predicted to get a foot of snow, we are predicted to get 1/2 inch to 3 inches of snow, but a sheet of sleet. Last Winter we got an 11 inch snow--a record setting snow. That snow was easy to handle, though, because it brought with it no freezing rain and no sleet. Today's weather is apt to be less pleasant.

I'll go shower in a few moments and drive in to work. My normal commute is quite long, but on days like today it will be snail-like. I have a route I use for such days that is not heavily trafficked and yet has enough traffic to be relatively clear. It has few bridges of any kind. I hope that I can get some pictures of the winter weather. I like winter weather photos.

Yesterday I completed my California Mandatory Continuing Legal Education requirements on time. Now I must just turn in the form. Today I will get a few things done, and then come home during daylight. Tomorrow our high is supposed to be under 20 degrees.

We don't get Winter here like folks in the northeast get Winter, but we get only these few days. Winter tends to paralyze our region, as no snow plows or other contrivances exist to fight Winter weather. I like Winter weather, if not driving on Winter roads.
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sleet driving

I like a Winter day sensible sleet commute, when few cars are on the road, and we are all doing 20 m.p.h.

Plano Texas Winter Storm, 2/1/2011

The sleet came down in buckets from 4 a.m. for a few hours, and then snow fell. Our dog Beatrice proved irrepressible, as the white landscape meant that she could more easily see the rabbits that visit our backyard. I pulled her in for a while, when she came very near to catching one, to give the bunny a chance to escape.

The Jimmy John's sandwich place near me closed for the day. Boston Market was open, with one brave soul manning the service desk.

Tonight we are having a 'hard freeze'--down to 10 degrees. Already it is about 15.

I'm reading a book called "Second Chances", about Petfinders, and the good work of getting unwanted pets adopted.