January 19th, 2011

abstract butterfly

freeze play

"We make the best sandwich in town!", the woman at the Tom Thumb grocery store meal counter said before assembling my roast beef sandwich. On the walk back to my office from lunch, I snapped a photo of a holly bush in berry. Life should be full of berries--and pineapple juice.

Our holiday cactus is nearly done blooming. It only bloomed 3 weeks this year rather than the usual 5. The weather forecast advises that the rain will begin in the morning and dissipate just about the time an Arctic blast turns the air freezing. If the rain persists--then freezing rain results. If it fails to stick around, then it's ordinary rain followed by ordinary chill.

I read tonight that the Dutch word for cockroach is de kakkerlak. I am reading a biography of English church musician Lionel Dakers. Perhaps I'll go on Sunday to see a new organ symphony by a Danish composer. I don't ened an alarm clock--I own two dogs.