December 19th, 2010

abstract butterfly

goldeneye and gulls in flight

The service at church today satisfied my desire to hear Christmas songs devoid of Christmas being "blue", "rocking" or laced with mistletoe. A men's chorus did a subtle "Silent Night". The handbell choir confirmed my
belief that a handbell assemblage is one of my favorite musical instruments. We sang the Christina Rossetti poem set to hymn music. After the service, I visited tables for the "mission market" giving money to the charity that runs a House of Hope in an economically depressed part of Honduras, as well as donated a tree to Heifer Project International.

This afternoon I watched a sports contest on television, in which the local mediocre professional team narrowly defeated another mediocre professional team. I am not a fair weather fan, so I enjoyed it all very much. I went for BBQ after the game, listening on the radio while sports commentators added to the supply of natural thermal helium existing inert in nature.

I drove to Bethany Lakes Park and saw golden eye, shoveller and mallard ducks. Ring-billed seagulls flew overhead.

december pond

December Mallard, north Texas USA

I read a really kind weblog post which named my butterfly EP as a "best of 2010". I loaned money through to a photographer in Afghanistan. I watched the full moon. Tonight I will listen for the great horned owl my wife heard last night. I like peanut butter and jelly but never eat it anymore. I also like clementines, and eat them each winter.