October 28th, 2010

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plain talk

Try to be plain

I had a bit of a hobby disappointment this week, when a musical project I've been working upon for some folks did not work out to their satisfaction. This sort of thing happens. It's hard to even feel unhappy when it happens, because everyone should have the soundtrack of their dreams, rather than mine.

Tonight I worked on a song of my own. It's called "Berries". I submitted it to a compilation to which I've been invited to contribute. It was fun to find one of my berry photos to accompany it.

We watched our local home team lose its first World Series Game, or rather, we watched enough innings to understand that was the likely result. We ate hot dogs with sauerkraut.

I'm a bit sorry I did not go see the Academy of St. Martin in the Fields perform Mozart last night.
I need a new wallet. I like Flintstones vitamins, but have not had any for years. I eat my roast beef sandwich without mayonaisse or tomato.

I voted early today. It took 8 minutes. I hope my favored candidates win.
abstract butterfly

late october is like late april only not at all

Winter Park v2

I love this late October through early December time period. Tonight the weather stations predict the first frost will arrive. I pulled my echevarria plants indoors. They did well this Summer. I hope they will winter well indoors.

We rarely get spectacular falls here, as the lack of cold snaps means no sudden leaf brilliance most years.
We do get nice crisp mornings followed by surprisingly temperate days. It's a good trade-off.

I enjoy listening to the last.fm application on my droid phone. In particular, I like to set it up to play through my car speakers. I choose a 'radio station' similar to this artist or that artist. Today I chose Jonathan Coulton, expecting lots of songs by artists with a folkie/sci-fi bent. Instead, I got a fascinating array of nerdcore and novelty. Tonight I chose "Nigel North", hoping for a commute full of lute, but instead getting a classical gassical.

I have much to do. I have the will to do it. In the meantime, I have light reading, high hopes, and a bit of weariness.