September 26th, 2010

abstract butterfly

bird cries

Much of my week was consumed with a business trip to Austin. This morning I awoke at 3 a.m., and promptly got involved in answering an e-mail relating to some volunteer work I am doing. I fell asleep at around 7, and slept until Noon. I needed the sleep, to compensate for the road trip.

This afternoon I drove to Oak Point Park. I saw a huge great egret, who flew away with a complaining call. I saw a red-shouldered hawk, which made its hunting call, which no doubt strikes terror into the heart of rodents below. I also saw a buckeye butterfly, a hackberry and some kind of fritillary. I saw two young ducks, and wondered if they were buffleheads.

The grass skippers continue to thrive on our backyard lantana.

grass skipper

I ate pumpkin spice yogurt from red mango. The weather is cool--in the 70s.