July 24th, 2010

abstract butterfly

saturday hiking

This morning I hiked near Lake Lavon, departing from Highland Park and walking a few miles round trip. I passed butterflies, chickadees, damselflies, unexpected woods, cows, a barn, horses, crickets and grasshoppers. I enjoyed the shady spots, the sunny spots, and the spots in between.

The barn
abstract butterfly

Butterflies of North Texas--release party

Dear friends:

Over the past several months I spent time on a new project. Taking my inspiration from a suggestion from Lucas Gonze, I decided to do my next release in the form of an "album page", in this case a weblog, in which songs and images blended together to create an experience including both sight and sound.

Tonight I posted my new collection, "Butterflies of North Texas". Here's the "cover" for the collection.

The album is found on-line at this site:


The format is simple--six images of butterflies I took during my hikes. One instrumental song for each image, each titled in the name of the pictured butterfly.

The songs are melodic and a bit minimal in their instrumentation. The songs are aware of ambient music and tinged with a little jazz influence, but are not really either ambient music or jazz. They are instead
little gentle experiments, fluttering in the ether. I felt it was important not to make them "sweet" or "new age" or "cute", but that it was okay if they are light-winged. I've been actively recording music for eight years now, and my sound has evolved from novelty-oriented and very experimental into a more melodic, simple style.

As with most of my material, the songs are free to download under a BY Creative Commons license. For those who prefer to listen and not download, the webpage also offers simple streaming from my box.net account. For those who like to download a whole album at once, the link is also contained on the page.

I plan to make CD-Rs of this, as soon as I can design the analog things like the packaging. When I do, I'll offer them to my readers here as well. I like to share.

I hope you'll come share "Butterflies of North Texas" with me.

best, Robert (who records and posts as Gurdonark)