July 13th, 2010

abstract butterfly

always chasing

Last night my young friend and I went out to dinner. We visited the new Thai place in McKinney, because we enjoyed it the last time we visited that restaurant. We both had a teriyaki chicken bowl. I often think that the simple dish of teriyaki chicken tells me a lot about a restaurant. Some places drown the chicken in soy sauce, as if the sauce is a cover for questionable meat. But some places, like this one, use the soy as a light flavoring for a fresh-grilled delight. We enjoyed our meals very much. We stopped by yogolicious for a desert of frozen yogurt.

We then went to a Borders, where my friend got a CD by the band Godsmack and I got a current issue of Electronic Musician magazine, which promised to teach me how to make ambient music. I had to go back when the 7.8 GB CD of gadgets and samples proved missing. We wandered about, and then drove up to downtown McKinney.

As we walked the square in downtown McKinney in the near-dusk, we saw a lovely rainbow.

rainbow over downtown McKinney, TX

Today after lunch I wanted to visit La Pinata, the small store near my office whose signs proclaim, in Spanish, that it is a party supply place. Sadly, it was closed-perhaps there is always a party someplace, and I am attending the wrong one, perpetually. I will not cry for anyone in Argentina.

Our new fence is nearly done. I am ready to see my dogs, now in kennel, once more.