July 5th, 2010

abstract butterfly

cold, red shoulder

I took the day off for the holiday. In the early morning, I did laundry. In the late morning, I walked at Towne Lake Park in McKinney, and in particular on the adjacent nature trail. I heard and saw a red-shouldered hawk, with its insistent cry. I saw it fly towards what I believe to be a huge crow, after a set-to of some sort which agitated the hawk. Crows harry hawks to keep hawks from doing what hawks do, but this time the hawk seemed to be the harrying kind.

I found that the used bookstore I thought had closed was still open. I bought a few books, but the owner told me she might have to close soon after all, as her husband in Arizona is ill. One book i got was a little pocket book of zen and zen-like sayings. I ate a Subway sandwich as I read them.

I napped in the early afternoon. In the late afternoon I took Teddy to the vet. The vet and the vet techs are very nice at this clinic. Teddy is now 15 1/2. She is a grand dog.

I dined on BBQ at Bar B Cutie's cafe. I ate frozen yogurt. I stopped by the grocery for more bananas and raisin bran. My wife worked this afternoon, and has a meeting tonight. I'll do laundry and watch something on television.