June 19th, 2010

abstract butterfly

park hill prairie birdsong

Park Hill Prairie Pond

Today I drove up to Park Hill Prairie. Lots of birds sang this morning, including lots of dickcissel, a lovely bird with a yellow breast, as to which one or another intermittently would stand near me on tall weeds and small trees and sing. I fished in the ponds, but the sunfish merely nibbled my hot dogs and cheese rather than biting. I will go back to taknig earthworms there next time. I saw lots of tiger swallowtail butterflies, giant swallowtails, black swallowtails, and various sulphurs. I stopped by a garage sale at a church in Lucas and bought three small garden pots for planting, paying 1 dollar for all three. Now it's barely one o'clock here at home, and I'm feeling like I've already had a great day.