June 13th, 2010

abstract butterfly

Brush Creek

Bridge over Brush Creek, Mission Hills, Kansas

I walked in Mission Hills, a Kansas suburb of Kansas City. The television said Sunday morning storms progressed in our direction. I decided to walk around the neighborhood before they arrived. I walked beside Brush Creek. I walked past huge homes and tall trees. I walked beside the Kansas City Country Club, where golfers played in an invitational tournament hosted by Tom Watson, the local fellow who became a notable golf professional.

The rain began halfway into my walk. A loud horn sounded on the golf course, to advise the golfers to come in from the rain. I saw the huge drops fall on the asphalt,set against the greenery behind. The rain felt cool on an otherwise muggy morning. I felt myself get wet, and I walked on, and I felt I was in a picture postcard, and it all was a bit like Heaven.