June 2nd, 2010

abstract butterfly

routines and movie scenes

dark horizon, originally uploaded by gurdonark.

My return to work yesterday provided me with a chance to return to the routine. When I ate lunch at the deli section of the Tom Thumb grocery in Garland near my office, I was pleased to see that the store deli finally stocked baked potato chips. This gain, however, was completely erased when a new sign on the soda drink dispenser advised that no refills were pemitted "THANK YOU". As every other local sandwich outlet offers free refills, I will say "you are welcome' by patronizing those establishments. I do not really need a soft drink refill, but the idea of it
impresses me.

Our dog Beatrice enjoys the Summer because she can hunt in our back yard for rabbits and mice. Lately, she trapped some fom of critter in the place where a storm gutter touches the ground. She did not capture her quarry, but she did make tears in the metal gutter. The gutter looks a bit like the episode of the Twilight Zone in which a brownie (mythical creature, not a girl scout) tears the wing of a plane, which William Shatner watches.

I have a place on the back of my neck where I missed with the suntan lotion when I hiked Monday.