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May 29th, 2010

On April 11, I planted a nasturtium seed in a small pot:

seeds planted

The plant fell short of thriving, but today it has a small, nearly-showy bloom:


I am cheering for the bloom to open in full.

Meanwhile, our butterfly bush (buddleia) is in bloom, but we have few butterflies. I am ready for a butterfly backyard.

Potted Nasturtium, grown from seed

Today's tentative plan:
1. go with a friend to Collin Park near Wylie and hike the southern end of Trinity Trail
2. go to For You European Cafe and Delicatessan for Polish food
3. go to Half-Priced Books for used CDs

Plans subject to change based upon manufacturer availability.

blanketflower and potato pancakes

trinity trail, near St. Paul texas, south of collin park

I went hiking with a friend today on Trinity Trail. We went to Collin Park near the tiny town of St. Paul, and walked south toward East Fork park. We heard tons of mockingbirds singing, saw blanket and Mexican hat flowers, and examined large spiders. After 70 minutes, we returned to my car, shopped a bit, and then
went to a wonderful cafe for Polish food. I had placki ziemniaczane [potato pancakes] and bigos [hunter's stew, a wonderful mix of sauerkraut and little bits of meat and sausage].

Tonight my wife and I went with my brother and his wife to a new-fangled cinema one town over from our town.
This cinema sells only 40 seats a showing, charges a bit extra, escorts one to lounge chairs prior to the film, and then serves dinner during the film. The seats were like La Z Boys. We saw "Sex and the City 2" and I found it entirely congenial to sit back in a barca-lounger while actresses repeatedly donned different outfits on screen. Virtual reality will work this way someday.

I wish they could cap the well in the Gulf of Mexico, which continues to billow oil and natural gas out into nature.