March 30th, 2010

abstract butterfly


daydream, originally uploaded by gurdonark.

Yesterday I flew to Houston for a quick business trip. The civil courthouse in Houston is a very nice building, tall, modern enough, and yet it "looks like a courthouse". I arrived quite early for my hearing, so i rode the city bus in from the airport. I was impressed that one can get from Hobby Airport to downtown for 1 dollar and 25 cents.

After my hearing, my cell phone battery died after a lengthy set of calls. It's been years since that has happened. It reminded me of an earlier time, when one had to carry two batteries, because the life of batteries was so short.

I like looking out the window on the flight back to Dallas and trying to guess which lakes one is passing over. I'm still reading Persuasion, in a leisurely way, after which I think I'll read the poetry of Robert Southey.

abstract butterfly

warmer days

"Go thou and seek the House of Prayer!
I to the woodlands bend my way
And meet RELIGION there.
She needs not haunt the high-arch'd dome to pray"--Robert Southey

The temperature today crossed 80 degrees. I purchased a roast beef sandwich at the Lenny's Sub Shop and read about warblers in Birds of Costa Rica. I listened to a netlabel song by a artist named Sabi.
I had a nice Skype call with 2 friends from ccmixter.

I'm quite fond of the television show "The Good Wife". I do not confuse it with life. Tonight's rerun featured a lawyer engaged in a tantalizing flirtation with an opposing counsel based on a long-standing acquaintance. The notion of that is rather foreign to me. I finished re-reading Jane Austen's "persuasion" today. The character of Mrs. Smith, who is praised by the omniscient narrator even as her own ambiguous values are illuminated, is a puzzle. I see there is a Sally Hawkins teleplay. I like Sally Hawkins, so I much check it out.

I am thinking about floor covering, area rugs, and the dangers of home improvement mission creep.