March 7th, 2010

abstract butterfly

Meet Joe Tom and Van

Joe Tom and his van, originally uploaded by gurdonark.

We dined on pho and salad rolls for lunch. We stopped by a Staples to get a specialized battery, but it turnd out I had to get one later from Radio Shack. I created a three second stop-motion animation of a van rolling on a counter-top, using my little 25 dollar Sunplus camera. It took 18 photos to make a 3 second segment. The animation was pretty primitive, and the images looked best in sepia due to the camera. Still, I thought the project, saved to my flickr, was proof-of-concept. i was happy with my experiment.

I turned to the question of a leading actor. I created Joe Tom, pictured above, from some modeling clay. i already have a painted van which will be the other character in the animation, named Van. I used a better camera to create a new 3 seconds of animation. Then I recorded some narration dialogue I like the way it came out.
My friend queenseye will kindly do the score for the short film i intend to make.

The next scene will involve the van on a desert road. I have green clay with which to make cactus. I want this scene to be at least 20 seconds long, so I will have to design an interesting road.

This should take me a month or two , but it will be an interesting project.