February 24th, 2010

abstract butterfly

no snow

No snow, originally uploaded by gurdonark.

The winter weather went south of us. We got only a polite chill. I'm reading a book about a Siamese cat named Charles. Charles lived in the UK during the 1930s. I think pets deserve prose.

abstract butterfly

Rural North Texas roadway vista

Rural North Texas roadway vista, originally uploaded by gurdonark.

Eight years ago I began this weblog. My first three entries covered hiking, the practice of law, and flying a kite. The day I began this journal the temperature was 70 degrees. Today the temperature was 50 degrees.

When I look back on the last eight years, I see my journal as the diary of my 40s. I lost loved ones in that time. I gained friends. A few friends drifted away. I explored new things. I took comfort in old things. I avoided Livejournal drama. I partook of Livejournal drama.

I remain a fervent believer in self-publication through the on-line medium. That method of expression opened doors for me into wonderful rooms filled with gems. The practice of regular self-reporting proved a good thing for me.

I am grateful to each of you who reads, or read, or may yet read. I now chronicle my fifties, which sounds to me improbably old, but not disconcertingly old. I look forward to the next mile of road, however long or short it may prove to be. I like to think I look ahead, as well as merely looking back, fondly.