January 31st, 2010

abstract butterfly

january things

Eastern meadowlarks, their golden breasts like beacons, browsing on the grassy field. A great blue heron wading in deep water, standing stationary in the cold. A red-shouldered hawk, standing on a low post, before heading to ground. Mallard pairs, with the drakes' heads at their most green. A flock of cedar waxwings perched in a tree. A tufted titmouse flitting from branch to branch. A red-bellied woodpecker calling out and flitting from tree to tree. Two killdeer raising the alarum as they flitter across an open field. Three robins, wandering in open spaces.

January Day, Oak Point Preserve

Plans for future trips--to the pinewoods where I grew up; to the Arizona desert. Jeff Beck playing Les Paul music. Grilled chicken wings. An eBay auction won for a flip camera at a frighteningly low price. Night skies cleared for the first full moon of the year--the "wolf moon". A bitter cold day.

A simple video in memory of Summer warmth and the joy of nature: