January 13th, 2010

abstract butterfly

the virtues of tacky

Today I took a break to get on a video-link to Oslo. We were doing a test drive for a symposium about the White Cube Remix in which I am going to participate on Thursday at noon. I got to try out my new laptop's webcam, which worked very well. The folks at Creative Commons even featured the project on their weblog, which is cool, because I read that weblog assiduously, and it's good to be cited in it, like this. I like these new-fangled things like web conferences.

Tonight the fellow from the state bar talked to our local bar association about lawyer advertising. It's interesting, and perhaps comforting--tacky is legal, but misleading ads are not. So often I find that tacky is actually kind of sincere and even worthwhile, while stylish is sometimes quite misleading. I think of life as one giant Frank Capra movie--and Wall Street helps. On the other hand, I hate tacky lawyer ads, so I should revise my slogans a bit.