November 24th, 2009

abstract butterfly

a little

"Alfredo!", she shouted, by which she meant that she had just placed upon the buffet a newly-made cheese pizza with alfredo sauce mixed in with the mozarella. On the television, a cat in a hat held forth, though the lack of volume made the words indecipherable. In an article in a music magazine, a fellow named AM described how he did not describe his true name. A writer wrote about a concert by a band called Jesus Lizard with so many misplaced ideas (and adjectives) that in another era the article would pass for elaborate satire.

I thought about having Wednesday's lunch at Boston Market, where the staff treats me very kindly,but then I thought about the lines of people who will be picking up their turkeys. I celebrated an early Thanksgiving in a small way by eating a pumpkin muffin. I read about an audiophile stereo system, and thought about how when I was a teen-ager I read Stereo Review. I do most of my listening these days through equipment considered relatively primitive now, but which would have merited a favorable review 30 years ago.

I thought of people on the local freecycle, asking for free turkey coupons. Some posts featured the subtle twist of the knife: "if I don't get a coupon, we won't have turkey this year". I heard a commercial about a store opening at 4 a.m. on the day after Christmas.

I wondered to myself, silently, if the the goal ought not to be to increase the joy and increase the peace.
Then I planned how in small ways I could make this happen, just a little.