November 22nd, 2009

abstract butterfly

Share the Sky

Share the Sky, originally uploaded by gurdonark.

Today I read an article in the Dallas Morning News. The animal adoption centers are all full. Donations are down by thirty percent.
I went to the Petfinders site and made a modest donation.

I looked up the dogs who are available for adoption at the Allen Animal Shelter. I saw a dog named Lexi, who looked handsome and who was described as friendly. I saw two rat terriers who love people.

I felt a tear well up,over creatures who love people, and are sitting in shelters, ready to be adopted.

abstract butterfly

celebration park

Today I walked at Celebration Park here in Allen. I saw an immature great egret fishing by a pond. I saw a flock of wild mallards swimming in another pond. I saw a yellow flower blooming in an otherwise bleak landscape, but my pictures of its splendor proved less than splendid.

november walk, celebration park, allen, texas

I love this late November-time. I wanted to go to Highland Park United Methodist church, where a huge new pipe organ is being played in concert, but I ultimately decided that to stay at home, to get things done, and to relax were a kind of toccata, voluntary, fantasy and fugue all rolled up into one.

Instead, I ate fresh fruit and two slices of cheese pizza, bought an issue of "Sing Out!" magazine, and
thought of the number "three".