November 7th, 2009

abstract butterfly


cormorant, originally uploaded by gurdonark.

Today we walked at the Heard Natural Science Center, on boardwalks over standing water, while woodpeckers plied their trade among dead trees. A flock of cormorants perched in another couple of trees.

We ate Chinese food from the menu at a restaurant in which most folks selected dim sum from a singe dim sum wagon. I ate chicken with broccoli.

I worked on a very interesting hobby project today. We ate sushi tonight. I created a sample pack of sounds this morning. A cabbage butterfly in the back yard defied the chilly weather. Hollies were in berry. I thought about ways to make the new gurdonark music weblog I am building into an effective way to distribute netaudio.

I had a bad experience at emusic on my first effort to download an album, when I was debited two albums worth of credits after a first download failed. My first effort to ask customer service to rectify the emusic erroneous debit did not succeed,but I am hopeful it will get fixed on a follow-up now that I have sent a further request.

I developed an indignation over the matter, but then I realized it was a matter of mere business, in which I am in the right but the amount in controversy is but a few dollars. I then modified my attitude. Why lose composure over a small thing? I will treat it as business if need be--a contract to be enforced, not a devastation 8 whole credits in size.

I remember why I do not usually deal with this type of music company. I am spoiled by, a host of netlabels, ccmixter and even Amazon. But for my double credits I have a nice Bach lute song album for my troubles. LIfe is like a chickadee. It makes fascinating noises, and moves before you quite have it in focus with your camera lens.